SurveySolutionsAPI - R package - using suso_export

Hi all,

I’m trying to use the SurveySolutionsAPI package for R and am having some trouble. I’m able to get most functions to work but the suso_export and suso_export_paradata are giving me HTTP 404 errors.

Perhaps this is related to this post?

Indeed, in the error I can see that the package includes v1 in the https call: Not Found (HTTP 404). Failed to$1/details.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Might also just be a case of user error. :slight_smile:

They are in the process of updating the package to support the new APIs.

Ah okay. Thanks for the information. Given that your post was back in January, though, I guess I shouldn’t hold my breath. :slight_smile:


There is a number of competing implementations for R by different people. If you are interested specifically in export, see e.g. this discussion, which contains code fragments:

Fantastic! Thanks so much Sergiy!

Hi @joshmc ,

I have created an R package to download files from the server via the API. I have developed it for personal use but please feel free to use it if you find it useful: GitHub - araupontones/susor: Manage survey soultions surveys

I am developing this to avoid copying and pasting my own scripts into new projects. Thus, please bear in mind that I am not resposible for any bugs or bad use. I am working on new features but it would be grant if others can contribute to the code so we can all get the best from the Survey Solutions API.

I hope this is useful


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Thank you so much! @andresarau!

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