"Hidden" sub-pages for Survey Solutions servers?

Could we compile a list of the “hidden” sub-pages that are part of Survey Solutions Headquarters?

By “hidden”, I mean those that are not accessible via the GUI.

Here are the ones I know:

  • /.hc. Site health info. Not as detailed as the health info available to the admin user. Example for the demo server here.
  • /.version. Survey Solutions version number as described here
  • /graphql/. Interactive GraphQL client. Serves a similar purpose to the interactive REST API endpoint documentation: can see what’s available and try how it works.
  • /apidocs/index.html. Interactive REST API documentation.

Just add these to the end of a server to address to discover some useful Easter eggs.

Are there others that I’ve missed?

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I’m confused by the ‘hidden’ and ‘Easter eggs’ combination… you’ve missed a lot of ‘pages’ or nothing at all depending what were you trying to find - Headquarters is a web application and there are many ‘pages’ (end points) are part of the functioning applications.

Besides, last two endpoints for API operation are described in the documentation…

I guess I’m just looking to create a list of all such endpoints that may not be in documentation yet (or are tucked away in an obscure corner).

For example, I quickly scanned the documentation and found mention of health check endpoint in the healthcheck article (here), but cannot find documentation for the version or GraphQL API endpoints.

Because of that, I don’t know what I don’t know. :wink:

Pull requests to the documentation repository are most welcome! :slight_smile:

Count on me for doing just that–if only to help my future self remember what these endpoints do :wink:

To help me get started, could you help me compile a list of such pages?

If easier, we can do this offline, and I’ll post links here for anyone following this thread.