Determine server version of Survey Solutions

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Any way to know from API what version of SuSo Survey Solutions is running? If a server is running SuSo Survey Solutions < 21.01, then there are no workspaces. If a script could know that via API, it could employ a different strategy for getting information from the server.

Yes, and you don’t need to engage the API for that. See example in the susoapi client for Stata (which is using it for the same purpose):


For example, here is the version reported for the running demo server:

Today you get a response of: 21.09.3 (build 31749), but if you visit the link in the future you will get a different number.

The same information is displayed in the footer of the server’s login page, so one could parse the returned page HTML to extract it, but querying it like the above allows for a clean and predictable response.

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