Yes/no control in a multiple selection question

I would like to control that everybody makes a selection in a Yes No multiple selection question.

Is there another option instead of using a control with a following static text? Which values should I use in this case, 0/1?

It happens that if no mark is done, nothing controls that an answer is being missed.
Thank you!

Hello dianam1972,

see here:

Best, Sergiy

Thanks Sergiy for your reply!

I’ m trying to attach and image to show you my design but no way…

The variable is called arranplantas and has 4 possibilties called : naranja , mandarina, limón y pomelo. In each of them we should select yes or no ( will you remove plants? select yes or no in each case.

How to control that an yes or no mark is made in this case?



Hello Daiana,

your question is understood, but within your question you’ve outruled the solution:

Perhaps you could explain why specifically this solution is not satisfactory.

You’ve further written:

This is true and is explained in the article I’ve linked.

Best, Sergiy

Hello, I have a multiselect question with 15 options, I use it in yes / no mode, the problem I have had is that the interviewers have not answered the 15 options, for example, they have only answered 11 options the other options have not selected them, what has generated that at the time of exporting the data, have 4 options with the value -9999999 (missing), however, in the survey solutions when selecting a multiselect question, this is marked as green which forces the supervisor to look for that Ask and verify that the 15 options have been completed. So, is there any way to validate that all 15 options of a multiselect question are selected?

mcq.Missing.Length gives you the number of not answered categories.

Dear Sergiy, the following code that I am using is correct?


9 is the number of categories

I attach you the screenshot I am using

I’d like yoour help with this


The compiler has the final say on that. Press the ‘compile’ button and check if there are any error messages related to this code.

Hi Sergiy
There are not error messages related to this code. However, in the multiple select question not validate that all 15 options are selected.
How can you help with this?

The following will validate if all answer options to a MSC Y/N Question have been selected:


Again repeating myself: expressions referring to self will be calculated only when the question is answered, if no item is selected - no validation run.

Validation attached to a question will not run if there is no answer to that question!