SuSo API is generating empty TAB files

SuSo API is generating empty TAB files when requesting export files defining FROM and TO parameters. In this example, I’m trying to export the interviews collected in the last 24 hours.

I am invoking the endpoint:

with the following JSON object:

{‘ExportType’: ‘Tabular’,
‘InterviewStatus’: ‘All’,
‘QuestionnaireId’: ‘ae3bd833-d2aa-4ab6-a934-81da94889bc7$64’,
‘From’: ‘2023-09-14 22:50:07.161679’,
‘To’: ‘2023-09-15 22:50:07.161679’}

The values for from() and to() parameters have been incorrectly specified in your code. See an example of how they must be dpecified in the manual for Survey Solutions SPi client for Stata

Best, Sergiy

Thank you Sergiy for your response.
I changed ‘from’ and ‘to’ format and tested in Swagger sending this JSON object:
(the format is similar to documentation example "2021-01-01T19:23:43.375Z ")

'ExportType': 'Tabular', 
'From': '2023-09-17T16:16:20.000Z', 
'To': '2023-09-17T17:17:20.000Z', 
'interviewStatus': 'All', 
'questionnaireId': 'ae3bd833-d2aa-4ab6-a934-81da94889bc7$1'

Unfortunately, SuSo is still generating empty TAB files. (I downloaded the ZIP file corresponding to Job 17732). Here the endpoint response I receive in Swagger.

  "JobId": 17732,
  "ExportStatus": "Created",
  "StartDate": "2023-09-17T23:20:41.281448",
  "CompleteDate": null,
  "CreateDate": "2023-09-17T23:20:41.281448",
  "Progress": 0,
  "ETA": null,
  "Error": "",
  "Links": {
    "Cancel": "",
    "Download": ""
  "HasExportFile": true,
  "ExportType": "Tabular",
  "QuestionnaireId": "ae3bd833d2aa4ab6a93481da94889bc7$1",
  "InterviewStatus": "All",
  "From": "2023-09-17T16:16:20",
  "To": "2023-09-17T17:17:20",
  "AccessToken": null,
  "RefreshToken": null,
  "StorageType": null,
  "TranslationId": null,
  "IncludeMeta": null

Dear Sergiy, forget the previous post, the behavior described was derived from the time difference between my location and server time zone (my time is 6h behind the PDS time). The export endpoint works fine with the ‘from’ and ‘to’ parameters entered in a format like: "2021-01-01T19:23:43.375Z ". Thanks !

Hello @aguinada , thank you for confirming that the export works fine with the correct specification of the parameters.

Best, Sergiy