Resetting password

Is it possible to reset the password for user?

Yes, for at least the following two reasons:

  1. people generally are vulnerable to forgetting the passwords, and
  2. passwords may become known to other people and need to be changed because they are compromised.

So a system where password reset is not possible in principle are not practical.

But can one do it via the API? I think that’s @mosotieno 's question.

Exactly! I could not reset the password in my tablet. I did not see Reset password option anywhere.

Exactly what?

Are you suggesting/expecting that an interviewer that has forgotten a password will be writing a program that will be utilizing API-calls to reset own password? How? What about API credentials needed for these calls?

Most likely you are confusing Survey Solutions API with the web-interface.

For the specific question on the interviewer’s password reset, please follow the step-by-step guidelines in the docs site. There is an article describing this.

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