Reassign interviewer to a different supervisor

I would like to change the assignment of the interviewer I from supervisor S1 to supervisor S2 via API. All I’s interviews should go back to S1. Is there a way to do that?

AFAIK there is no API for changing the interviewer’s team.

Could you please describe why this action is needed.

We have an interviewer I1 belonging to a supervisor S1. He has some jobs J1 (interviews) in a workspace W1 that have been assigned to him but not started yet. Now, we want to remove W1 from interviewer I1 so that J1 are moved to S1 for re-assignment.
We thought that it could do that via S2.

I think the original question was more clear than the explanation you provided. To the extent I see the problem it has nothing to do with the API but someone must login as e.g. administrator and do the necessary reassignments.

My question was more related to explaining what is the real life situation. Did the interviewer die? fallen sick? lost the tablet? How often do these situations arise during your operation that you are consider an automation of them? Is there a standard solution that applies to all such situations? How do you treat these situations in other software? What would you recommend to other Survey Solutions users?

I also don’t understand whether you are using the terminology right. What are the “interviews assigned to him but not started yet”? Are these assignments? or interviews?

The twist with the workspaces is something entirely new, not part of the original question.

Perhaps reassigning all interviews and assignments from an interviewer I1 to an interviewer I2 belonging to the same supervisor is a solution? And it is also achievable using the current API.

We have an Oracle database that keeps information on which interviewers are active on which date and for which survey (WS) (including history). Automatically, our sw allows only those interviewers to be assigned tasks that are active for the given survey at the given time.
We would like the Survey Solutions system to do something similar.

We have a piece of sw that can add an interviewer and/or assign a WS to an interviewer.
We can remove a WS from an interviewer but are not sure what will happen to assignments/interviews that have been assigned to him and not finished yet.

It is not only death or illness but also organisational reasons like the end of contract or reshuffling interviewers and surveys. The changes are not that frequent but do occur even within one reporting period (they are frequent in between periods).

In our surveys assignment = interview.

The whole matter, it seems, boils down to how to remove a ws from an interviewer who has interviews that are not finished (outstanding). We do not want this interviewer to be assigned new interviews in this ws (and we perhaps want another interviewer to finish the outstanding interviews, ie we want the outstanding jobs to automatically go to the supervisor first).

Use the
API endpoint to manipulate workspace assignment of the users.

Best, Sergiy

I am sorry for bothering you again but it is still unclear to me. When there is an outstanding interview for a given user, he cannot be removed a workspace from.

Have you tried api/v1/assignments/ to get the list of assignments, filtering for a specific responsible (the one you want to remove), then using /api/v1/assignments/{interview-id}/assign to re-assign (remove) assignments before removing the responsible from the workspace?