Python data export problem

Dear team members
I got the error while try to run Python script. I write following script.

import ssaw
from ssaw import ExportApi
def main():
client = ssaw.Client(‘URL’, ‘AppUser’, ‘AppuserPassword’, ‘workspaceName’)

for q in ssaw.QuestionnairesApi(client).get_list():

#    print(q)
filename = ExportApi(client).get(export_type="Tabular",questionnaire_identity = "9ad5768fe3784b9a9bdf8431e3437c86$3")

The following error I got.
limit_date = limit_date.astimezone() # interpret date as in local timezone
OSError: [Errno 22] Invalid argument

Looks like the date couldn’t be interpreted in your locale.
Try to specify the limit date directly.

This seems to be caused by a (not so nice) behavior on Windows with some old dates.
For the export file filtering, if no limit date is specified ssaw takes 1970-01-01. Although it is documented that Python on Windows has issues on pre-epoch dates (older than 1970), as we see, it breaks on something ‘just’ after that as well.

For the particular use of ssaw, of course I didn’t need to go that back for the default date. I will update the module and you should see 0.6.1 version available very soon. Once you update to this hotfix it should work for your.

Hi All,
Can you please update the ssaw?

The fix is up there already as I wrote on Friday. You have to get it by running
pip install ssaw -U