Interview pdf transcript API


I have been trying to consume the get interview transcript api which should return a pdf containing a summary of a given interview, but I’m getting a 500 Internal Server Error.

The following is the API I’m trying to access: GET /api/v1/interviews/{id}/pdf

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Could you please provide your server logs as mentioned here Data Server Errors ?

Hello Vitalii,

I installed HQ using docker compose file, do you have an idea of where to look for the log files in the hq docker container?

Best regards,

If you didn’t override HQ_Logging__LogsLocation as stated here Deployment with Docker log files should be here /app/AppData/logs

Can you replicate the same issue using a PDS server?
If yes, then we will be having access to the logs.


I have the logs, but I am having trouble posting them here because it exceeds the supported number of characters. Thanks