Int App: Section 'Overview' - Additional Info -Modal freezes with validation condition

We came across a small issue in the Interviewer App:

If you enter section ‘Overview’, navigate to a question which has one or more validation rules triggered. If you click on it, the modal “Additional Info” appears. The issue: It is not possible to close this modal.

What steps will reproduce the problem?

  1. Import any questionnaire with questions that have a validation condition, send assignments and start interview
  2. Enter a value at a question with a VC that conflicts the validation condition so error message appears
  3. Navigate to section ‘Overview’, scroll to the respective question.
  4. Tap on the red shaded question which opens modal ‘Additional Info’
  5. Try to close the modal/pop up through pressing any button (within the App or through the ‘return’ button of your smartphone

What is the expected result?

  • Modal closes, one can continue scrolling through section ‘Overview’

What happens instead?

  • Nothing. Modal can not be closed / App ‘freezes’


  • Interviewer App
  • Version: Version 22.02.2 (build 29997) [both with and without Maps]

Work around

  • Close the Interviewer App
  • Log in again and return to the started interview
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Hello Peter,
Thank you for report. New issues was raised and will be fixed in next releases.

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Thanks for the detailed repro steps. Reporting issues on the forum is absolutely fine but, for those users who are comfortable with github, please consider adding issues there, so that you can monitor the progress and know exactly when the fix has made to the release.

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