GraphQl cant get Interviews Identifying Data

I have a problem to get Identifying Data by GraphQl,

.WithAllFields() doesnt work. I got all Identifying Data = null

 var builder = new HeadquartersQueryQueryBuilder()
            new IPagedConnectionOfInterviewQueryBuilder()
                new InterviewQueryBuilder().WithAllFields())

i have to use WithValueLong() to get long ID, but i cant got string ID value WithValue()

        var builder = new HeadquartersQueryQueryBuilder()
                new IPagedConnectionOfInterviewQueryBuilder()
                    new InterviewQueryBuilder().WithIdentifyingData(new IdentifyingEntityQueryBuilder()


The query passes through several transformations:

When I try to obtain the identifying fields from Survey Solutions using GraphQL, it works:

Hence I color the GraphQL and Survey Solutions parts in green as working, your code is an unknown to me in full, thus inspect the GraphQL query generated by the API client, as the problem may be in the client, not the GraphQL or Survey Solutions itself.

Also check that you are using the most recent versions of the Survey Solutions and the API client.

Update to new version (21.05.08) fix it, Thanks.

Now when I want to get list of interviewers output is limited to 100. Can I change limit of Nodes?

Is it possible to change limit of nodes back to unlimited? Or if I want to get more then 100 outputs I have to query in cycle?
I`m creating custom application for supervisors…
Should I count on it not changing in the future back to unlimited?


21.5.03 - was unlmited
21.5.08 - limited to 100
21.6.00 - can`t check (middle of some testing 21.5.08 right now)

The dev team can confirm, but the number of returned records was limited to 100 to prevent queries with large number of queries from failing. That means your code needs to work through the pages of results.

Here is an example how can you load users by page:

Okay, thanks for information.

Maybe adding option for filtering users by workspace and supervisor could help to not get so much records…