Difficulty accessing private server installation using R SUSO API Maintained by: Michael Wild

Hi, I’ve been using the R SuSo API Maintained by: Michael Wild when there was access to the world bank servers without problems …I am now getting difficulty with the same on a cloud server installation on AWS. I have already created the API user and have successfully tested it using the Survey Solutions swagger interface i.e at [https://SERVERNAME/apidocs] and also via Powershell… However, for some reason I cannot authenticate using the check = suso_PwCheck() function in RStudio. Can someone please assist me. Thanks and kind regards.
From CSO St.Lucia

You can still try it with a PDS and see if it works with it.

  • If no - the problem is likely with Michael’s code.
  • If yes, then the problem is likely with your installation.
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IIRC, there started to be issues after workspaces were introduced into the API endpoints and it seems to currently not being maintained.

Have a look at the equally useful R package by @arthurshaw2002 - susoapi - which had already this change in the API endpoints incorporated.

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Hi Sergiy,
Ok, I will try the demo server, however the aim is to use it on our personal server … Also, you and Peter seem to be hinting on the code which I am leaning towards since I have already successfully tested the API connection via Powershell and Swagger…This is the official code on the Survey Solutions website, so is there any possibility it will be updated to incorporate the Workspaces changes that Peter alluded to or should I install an older version of Survey Solutions…if the later case is more recommended, can you please guide me to a link where I can download previous versions of the same, hoping of-course that that the R API code works. I have already developed and application that is dependent on Michael’s code so it would take great effort to incorporate another API and I see this as a worst case scenario. Thanks again for your patience and help.

Kind regards,

Thank you Peter,
I suspected that this may be a case of unmaintained code since I developed the Census Application which uses Michael’s R package to connect to a Survey Solutions application installed on the world bank server and now most CSOs are using a newer version of SuSo, but the R API code on GitHub is the same, plus the version of SuSo on the world banks servers didn’t have workspaces. Workspaces is an excellent feature but has cause me a lot of pain… Hope they can update the R code or that there is an easier workaround…I tried the R package by Arthur Shaw but couldn’t get it to install in RStudio…Will have to try it out again. Thanks for the input, very helpful.
Kind regards.

Without more details, it’s hard to help you troubleshoot package installation. Typically, this is how you would install the package, since the package not distributed on CRAN. If you don’t have {devtools} installed, please uncomment the first line and run it along with the second. If any dependencies fail to install, see the DESCRIPTION file for a full list.

Should any installation problems persist, please post an issue on GitHub with details about your installation problem.

Meanwhile, in case you do’t spot the link on the repo, here’s the documentation as a {pagedown} site. Between the overview, reference, and vignettes, this should help you decide whether/how this package meets your needs.

If you identify any unmet needs, please post an issue. (There are a small handful of endpoints that I’ve not touched yet.) But before doing so, please have a look at companion packages that are part of a “SuSo-verse”:

  • {susoflows}. While {susoapi} provides an R wrapper for Survey Solutions endpoints, {susoflows} aims to provide functions for common or complex workflows.
  • {susoreview}. If the aim of using the API is to automate data validation, {susoreview} provides an opinionated set of functions for that. This package is very new, and might undergo some changes as I put it through the paces for some current projects. See here and here for some ideas of how this package might be used.
  • {susopara}. If the aim is to derive insights from Survey Solutions’ meta and paradata, {susopara} might help. This package is older than {susoreview} but has seen less need. There may be rough edges. Use with care.

End infomercial :wink:

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Thanks for the assistance, much appreciate. Yes, all RStudio need was a restart to reference the susoapi library. I can categorically state that the R package works quite nicely and will definitely be checking it out in further detail.

Kind regards,
CSO St.Lucia

Hi @michael_wild,
Can you please assist with updating the R package. It is no longer functional on newer versions of Survey Solutions which now includes Workspaces and all legacy code using the same is now unmaintained/obsolete. Thanks.

CSO St.Lucia

Hi @becollymore the package update should be released soon. It is already work in progress, however as you may have seen Survey Solutions introduced some exciting new features, and since i want to make them available to package users with the next release, things take a bit longer. I hope to be done with it by end of November.


Thanks @michael_wild ,
Oh yes, workspaces is an excellent management feature… Thanks for the R package, I used it to design a monitoring and control app for the P& H census to begin early next year. As a workaround, I decided to install a compatible version of SuSo to avoid having to recode using another package. Thanks again and looking forward to the updated package.
Best regards.
CSO St.Lucia

Hi Michael,
Hope all is well. Any news on the release of the updated R package. Thanks.

Kind regards.

@michael_wild ,
Hi, will we be getting an updated R package soon. Thanks.

hope all is working now, lets continue our discussion on GitHub, regarding any updates.