Create a new API client

I have the following error when I try to create a new API client.

Status code 400 means that there was something wrong with the request payload, i.e. missing parameter or incorrect value. Knowing that this api client ‘generally works’ I’d assume there is something with the values, maybe some special symbols in the password?

Can you try to create a user with some simple password - say Somepassword123 (please don’t use this for real users :)) to confirm my guess? if this works (with the same server address and username) then could you post here the password value you were trying?

Thank you Zurab for your comment. My password does not contain any special character. It contains only upper case letters, lower case letters and a number.

Which version are you using? The one from SSC or the one from GitHub. (GitHub would always contain the latest.) Try it if you were experiencing the problem with the SSC version.

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Thank you Sergiy for your contribution. I’ve installed susoapi from SSC. To use the one from GitHub, what should be the process? Download it and replace the suso.class and susobase.class in the ado folder on my laptop?

Yes, these are the only necessary files.
Restart Stata after you do this to take effect.

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Additionally, I don’t think that this is related to the password.
If the password is wrong, this is what you should be getting:


Awesome! It’s working now. Thank you Sergiy!

You are very welcome!