Attachment in Cascading Combo Box

Hello, My Name is Nashuha.
It’s been only a year since I started using Survey Solutions. And this is my first-time posting.
Today, I found that ever since the Attachment feature was added to the multiple/single-select question, using cascading combo box by uploading your desired categories (.txt file).

I’ve used cascading combo box before, and it sure is helpful when doing a national/regional level survey, with a lot of respondents come from different cities and provinces. However, it seems like the ‘attachment’ is automatically filled with what’s in the third column. When I looked into my past question or the open for public question, It seems like the third row (attachment) is blank, however I can not upload the .txt file if the third column is empty.

For now, I have manually switched to the radio-button, delete the attachment, and switched it back to the cascading combo box. It works fine, however it might be a problem for those working with large number of categories.

Does anyone have any comment about this issue? or am I missing something?
Thanks in advance for those who take their time to reply!

For those wondering, I’ve tried to upload a file with the third row being empty. Here’s what I got.

The error message because of the ‘attachment’ issue

Hello @fnash ,

Could you please check if you have the same problem when loading the file into the equivalent dialog in the ‘reusable categories’ tollbar?

If yes, could you please share a minimal example of the file that is causing a problem?

Dear @fnash ,

Thank you for the scenario you described. We’ve raised a couple of tickets to fix the problem and add header names for the columns in the .tab templates to avoid inconsistencies in the future.
As workaround, you could use Reusable categories menu on the left-side panel in the Editor.

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hey, I just tried it. It seems like using ‘reusable categories’ is fine.

thank you!
I just tried it using the ‘reusable categories’, and it seems like it is fine.
I’ll tell my coworkers to use them instead.
thank you!

I had the same problem, the added feature of attaching images to categories seem to be source of this problem, i also tried to use reusable categories and it worked. Initially this kind of scenario was not designed to be solved by the used of reusable categories, i hope will help find a way to use the cascading combo box as it was in previous versions . Your question has been helpful!.

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