Api: how do I get a list of questionnaires?

Dear Forum,
In the current API (almost current 22.09.1), it looks like listing questionnaires is deprecated.

Can I get a list of questionnaires from the /Statistics node?


It was depreciated as a REST API endpoint but you have the option to get the questionnaires list using GraphQL (https://demo.mysurvey.solutions/graphql/). Depending on the language you’re scripting you may find the already implemented client libraries that have already the ability (Survey Solutions API)

Hi @fvandyk as mentioned by Zurab, you can use the GraphQL API for this purpose. An implementation in R can be found here: susographql/suso_gql_questionnaires.R at main · michael-cw/susographql · GitHub

Thanks Michael and Zurab, I did not know about the GraphQL interface. I am using asp.net and have written code to connect to the REST API. I will look at the R code for GraphQL. This might be helpful. If you know of any good examples in asp.net for working with the GraphQL interface, please suggest.

This page Survey Solutions API mentioned before has link to .NET client library as well.