API GraphQL BadRequest (400)


I using API - GraphQL to get questionaires. Sometimes it is okay but sometimes I get error on

await clientWS.GraphQl.ExecuteAsync(builder);

var builder = new HeadquartersQueryQueryBuilder().WithQuestionnaires(
                new IPagedConnectionOfQuestionnaireQueryBuilder()
                    .WithNodes(new QuestionnaireQueryBuilder()
                    workspace: ws);

                var result = await clientWS.GraphQl.ExecuteAsync<GraphQlResponse>(builder);

Server responded with BadRequest (400) status code. Check ResponseBody property for details

{“errors”:[{“message”:“The request exceeded the configured timeout of \u006000:00:30\u0060.”,“extensions”:{“code”:“HC0045”}}]}

Do you have any idea what am I doing wrong?
Thank you

22.06.9 (build 32955)

Apparently it took more than 30 seconds to process that query on that server. See if you can break up your query into smaller ones that can be processed faster.

You wrote that

Please see if you see any pattern regarding when it works and when it fails.
For example, is it always the first query that fails?

Okay. I will try to get more info about it and I let you know. I tryed it like 15 times right now and everything was okay. But I`m pretty sure it is not more than 5-10 seconds of process.