Your questionnaire contains new functionality

User Boonsita Ravisopitying has sent us the following question:

I cannot import a new questionnaire (my own cloud server) “Your questionnaire contains new functionality: “New Cover page”. New feature(s) is not supported by your installation. Please update.” / I tried to delete the cover page but can’t and I don’t know what to download. What should I do? Thank you.

The meaning of the message is exactly what it says: Your Survey Solutions server is not updated and does not understand how to conduct the survey designed at the Designer site that you are importing.

This feature (new cover page) was announced in version 20.07 and described in the cover page article.

Questionnaires designed before that version will continue to work on older HQs. All new questionnaires are created in the newer format at Designer and require the new HQ version. Additionally, since version 20.10 the questionnaire can be migrated to the new format of the cover page to take advantage of the new elements (like variables or static text) that may only be used in the new format there.

Regarding “I don’t know what to download” the server installation is contained on the Survey Solutions homepage. Update to the current version.

Best, Sergiy