Yes/No Categorical Question

Hello Support team,

I would like to thank everyone once again for the continued support and development of Survey Solutions.
I have one question/request regarding Categorical Questions (Multi-select) of the Yes/No variety.

Would it be possible to incorporate a “Don’t Know”/“DK” third option?

We use the Yes/No type question often, but we cannot use it when there is a possibility for a “Don’t Know” answer, as it cannot be captured. If the action taken in the case of a “Don’t Know” were to simply leave the option unanswered or blank, then there would be no distinction between accidental blanks (system missing) and actual “Don’t Knows”.
A huge benefit of the Yes/No type question is that dynamic rosters can be easily created based on the options that have the answer of Yes. This is useful for us when we need to create roster based on items that apply, but we still need to get a Yes or No answer from the respondent, which is why we cannot use the regular Multi-Select question. Once again, the problem lies when the “Dont Know” is an option in the answer set.
Dynamic rosters created this way make for a much faster and responsive questionnaire, and we would love to use the Yes/No questions everywhere applicable, but cannot 100% due to the lack of “Dont Know” (In all cases, rosters would only be created when the answer is ‘Yes’ and never for a “Dont Know”. However, whichever implementation that could be done for the roster-creation criteria for Dont Knows could be handled with enabling conditions). Fixed rosters are much more resource-intensive and often slow down our questionnaires. We realize that much improvements to responsiveness will be released with the latest version, but I imagine dynamic rosters will still be speedier than fixed rosters.

Thank you very much for listening to our suggestion.



Dear Gian,

thank you for your request. We have a form for user-suggested features, which I recommend you to fill out:

this allows us to systematically track the suggestions from all of our users.
In your case I believe it is possible to create a questionnaire with a fixed roster and a group of Y/N/DK questions that control which items are enabled in that roster.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin