Wrong time shown

Before started the survey, date and time was was checked in the Tab and those are correct. Therefore, the downloaded data file was showing incorrect data and time. Please let us know what is the reason? how do I get time perfectly?

Dear Pramodcon,

could you, please, be specific about the differences between the observed and expected values? We can’t answer “what is the reason?” question without seeing the problem first.

Best, Sergiy

Example: Survey started time was 18:30 Hrs. on 16/03/2019 in TAB. But, the same case was recorded at 21:00 Hrs. (started time) in the downloaded data file (SPSS).

How do I get the actual started time of survey?

Are you in India and using a server located in China?
In your messages does TAB mean TAB-delimited data or Tablet?

Am not sure about the location of server. TAB means tablet.
I will explain again.

There are series of tablets show correct time and date as per India.

Suppose I start a interview at 9.30 am and complete it by 10.30 am. Then, the same time should be reflected in the data when I will download it from Survey Solution. But it varies for few tablets. Some tablets are advanced by 2.5 hour some by 4/5 hours and some are show back time. Problem occurs when it shows 11.30 pm and completes 00.30 am. It shows a negative time when we calculate it in minutes in excel.

Also, a particular case show Q1 at 9 am, Q10 at 9.20 am, Q15 at 9.17 am…etc. Many cases are like this. Is this due to edits or review of answers already set.

We are analyzing para data and selected few questions to calculate section-wise time duration. But due to multiple events on questions sometime show weird timing. Did you come across these issues before.


Am not sure about server. But even if it is at China or anywhere, some tablets show correct time and some not. Is this a bug issue in the tablets or a setting issue? Can you shed some light on this?

based on your description and specifically that some tablets are resulting in correct time observations while others are not, the most likely reason is that some tablets are set up correctly, with true Greenwich time and true timezone offset (+5:30 for India), while others are set up incorrectly, with incorrect timezone (e.g. +8:00 for China) and compensating time difference (-2:30) to show the same time.

You pick this compensation when the time is exported.

But those set to GMT also showing wrong timing