Wrong data (only zeros) exported for a multiselect combo box with user defined categories

We collected some data using multiselect combo box with user defined categories (17 pre-defined modalities). We named this variable “benef”. We can see in the server that the data was collected correctly. However, when we export the data, we get columns benef__0 to benef__16 filled with only zeros.
Could you please assist on how we should proceed to export the data stored on the server?

Based on your description the following should be tried:

  1. Create a questionnaire with one multi-select question.
  2. Import it to the demo server.
  3. Create an assignment based on that questionnaire.
  4. Fill out an interview based on that assignment, make sure you’ve checked some checkboxes.
  5. Export the data for that questionnaire.

If your exported data contains only zeros, specify the interview key on the demo server which exhibits the problem.

If your exported data contains not all zeros, then your problem description is inaccurate and you need to provide more details until someone can reproduce the problem based on your description.

Thanks for the swift reply and suggestion.
I reproduced the issue on the demo server.
Questionnaire is “sample question on beneficiaries”, interview key [92-38-25-19].
Any help on solving this issue would be most welcome.

Hello @ebecquey ,

and thank you for taking time to describe and report the problem.
I’ve managed to reproduce the problem using your questionnaire.

Please note, however, that you’ve managed to set up a multiple select, ordered question with combobox presentation. This is something that we’ve marked as ‘Not implemented’ in the list of categorical questions:

So the bug is rather that the questionnaire was still compiled by the Designer tool, as this combination of settings should’ve been invalid.

My immediate workaround would be to modify your questionnaire to have either of the following setups:
A) a multiple select combobox non-ordered question type;
B) as a multiple select checkbox ordered question type.

Both should be accommodating your number of options (if your example is illustrative of the real question in terms of size).

If you’ve already collected your data, then changing the questionnaire would be already a little too late, and subsequent actions depend on your survey particulars, of which I have no knowledge.

You may want to use download_transcripts to download all transcripts of all interviews in that survey for preservation. Depending on the number of interviews and number of such questions in the interviews, retyping the values from transcripts to the data may be a laborious, but feasible option.

Thank you and best regards, Sergiy

A defect has been listed in the issue tracker regarding this reported problem:

Please follow that ticket to get updates on the issue.

Could you please indicate if the data collected was for testing purposes or actual data?

Please do not dispose of the server if this was the actual survey data collection operation, as your current export files are incomplete. (We are looking for a way to export these values.)

PS: the issue affects all export file types (tab-delimited, Stata, and SPSS file types).

The fix will be going into the direction of permitting this combination of settings for a multiselect question. A hotfix will be released, which (after installation onto your server) will allow you to export all the data fuly including this question, for which export was not implemented earlier.


Hotfix version v22.06.10 which addresses this defect has been released !

Exellent! thanks so much for the swift fix of the issue. Really appreciated.
I will look into the hotfix version and come back here if I have any issue exporting my (actual survey) data. Thanks!

Based on this reply @sergiy … however, no worries, I will check susoapi´s manual, and try to solve it. thanks