Workspace not functioning - HTTP ERROR 500

I am getting the following error on the server when my enumerators or supervisors try to login to two of the 25 workspaces which are in use, I am running Survey Solutions Server 22.02.7 (build 32498) :

This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500.

Is it safe to upgrade? Will upgrading solve this problem. If I upgrade will we have to reinstall the Interviewer on all 650 tablets? Please let me know.

Best Regards

Hello Edwin,

  1. please inspect the technical errors log at the server to identify what internal problem (typically an exception) is causing the error 500 (which you see as the user).

  2. make sure the response is coming from Survey Solutions. There may be something else on your network responding instead.

Best, Sergiy

Hi Sergiy:
I rebooted the server and that solved the problem. The error is too non-specific for me to go around trying to figure out why this happens from time to time.

Is there a place where you keep past versions of the Survey Solutions server in case an organisation wanted to reinstall an old version?


Our downloads page always disseminates the most recent version of the application. But the code is versioned in a repository at GitHub, which should allow you to see earlier releases. At the same time, I don’t see a reason to install an older version, when you have a newer one with bugfixes already.

Actually, there is a very good reason an organisation may need to do that. Why would you want to install a new version with new features you had not trained the team on, this just creates unnecessary support problems, which can be quite tedious to deal with depending on how many new features are addressed in the new version, in some cases your training manuals have to be rewritten etc. I prefer to introduce a new version at the start of a survey and hold it fixed (unless there is a fundamental problem) until the end of the survey, so the system is predictable to everyone.

For features you are right. But what about bug fixes? Would you still install v6 if you know that v8 already came out indicating that earlier versions were subjected to a problem of data entry? Or synchronization? Or data export? etc. and in case you run into any of those problems you will have to update anyways.

Yup, that this why I said unless there is a fundamental problem. I recently did a survey just after I updated the server, and the version had a bug that stopped syncing by interviewers to the server. It was detected in a pilot just before we started the survey. In that case, I immediately upgraded the server with a new version which was recommended. Serious bugs are certainly a very good reason to update the server. Otherwise, I would do it only during downtime when there is no or little work in-process work on the server.