Working with pre-loaded categories and two ParentIDs

Hello! I hope this is the right place to post this. It feels like a relatively straightforward problem and I feel silly that I haven’t been able to find an answer on my own.

I am designing a survey that will be answered by households within apartment properties. I have created a pre-loaded list of 7 properties, which I originally wanted to lead to all possible unit numbers at the selected property. However, there were too many unit numbers for all to appear in my cascade box, so I’m trying to find a work-around. I thought maybe if I made the pre-loaded “Property” category go to a pre-loaded “Building” category for each property, followed by a pre-loaded “Unit #” from there may solve the overloading, but I can’t figure out how to import my categories correctly and have them refer to two different parent categories. Some properties have some overlapping Building Numbers and/or Unit numbers. I’m happy to provide additional context if that’s helpful. Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Create one question: address = “Pleasant Heights, 1293 apt. 304”
or two:
Preload the values in the assignments and don’t use combobox at all.

Does this work even for web-interviews? We’re emailing the link to residents and have them take it on their own rather than sending an interviewer around. They must select their address in this case.

If you are emailing a link, do you know WHOM do you email it TO? Do you have the list of the residents of those residencies with their emails? then yes, it does apply regardless whether is is a tablet or web mode.

If you conduct a web interview and you just have a list of email addresses, then no.
For web interviews your respondents will be identified by their respective email address (as an identifying question).

The information on the residence - Property + Building + Unit comprises a three level cascade, which you can setup according to the instructions here.

There must be no more than 15,000 units at the lower level for a simple implementation. If you have more it is possible too.

Hi, Sergiy! I followed your instructions for the three-level cascade, and largely had success. Thanks so much for your help! However, I am having one interesting issue now (and I don’t know the intricacies of this web software to know what it is happening)

I’ve completed my three-level cascades (residence + Property + Unit). This works…except that in the Hills at Fairington (6) has 51 buildings and only 1-50 load into the drop-down menu. I even double checked that the units for 51 were there. Do you have any insight as to why this may be an any suggestions on how to fix this?

I tried to attach the PDFs of the .txts and the platform will not all it. If there’s another way I can share these to help provide more context, please let me know!

You do need to type in a combobox to reach the other items.

See also here:

Oh, awesome! Thank you so much!