Wordy classification item (category)

If a classification item is wordy and its length exceeds one line, can it be made into two lines so that everything is visible?

We have a Tester App that allows you to test your hypothesis. You type the item and then you check how it will appear on the screen.

In the Tester App as well as on tablets (we test our questionnaires on tablets) the text of wordy categories is truncated so that it is only one-line. We would very much like to see everything, if it were possible. Thank you very much.

What I meant was not texts of say option group categories but of reusable categories (from an Excel file).

After reading three iterations of your question in this thread I still don’t understand what is it that is not working or you want to be working otherwise. Perhaps someone else could help you with this.

Best, Sergiy

Sorry for not making it clear.
The pictures you attached do not relate exactly to what I need.
Generally, the categories the app shows come from two sources:
either you define them with the particular question (your pictures) or
(when there are lots of them) they are defined as reusable (you create an xlsx file that you upload).
It is when you select from these reusable categories that the text is one-line and truncated.
Thank you for your time and effort.

Aleš, how can you tell from the screenshot whether I have defined the categories as reusable or inside the question?

Please share the XLSX file with options which demonstrate the issue.

It looks different.
Here is a link: Download - TransferNow

Thank you for providing the example.

The issue occurs only on the tablet and not in the web version. A ticket has been created for this issue: Wrapping lines in combobox · Issue #1710 · surveysolutions/surveysolutions · GitHub

For your specific case with ISCO classification use cascading selection as a workaround. This will avoid the need for combobox all together. See details in release notes for v19.04.

I’d also recommend adding a static text with substitution to show the full value of the selection, like here: