Why can I not set the source question for a roster as a linked multi-select question?

I have 3 items…

The first is a list question for respondents to list all household members.

The second question is a multi-select question which is linked to the first question so that the options are the household members.

The third item is a roster. I would like to set this roster’s source question as the second question, so I select the source as a multi-select question but, when I go to select the source question, it is not there.

Why is this?

nathanprice, this is because the source for a roster may be:
a) list question
b) numeric question
c) multiple select question

Multiple-select linked question is different from c) since in general it may involve multi-dimensional items and rosters do not understand vector @rowcodes, so it doesn’t qualify as a trigger.

Instead, realize that you are not creating a new data level, but extend an existing one and reuse the first question as a source. Filter out irrelevant members with an enabling condition.

The are multiple types of linked questions: linked to a list question, linked to a question inside a roster, linked to a roster, so we need to keep all of them in mind when we talk about linked multi-select questions.

At this point, Survey Solutions does not support linked questions as for source questions, because of their dynamic nature. Options can be easily removed or added if the source of linked question will be changed and that can remove all roster items with all answers in it.

Here is an example of how to mimic the behavior you are trying to achieve.

Thank you. This is very helpful. I like how clean the solution is also.

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How to use get permissions this capi.


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Dear @rakesh ,

This questionnaire does not have the public access, but I have created the new one, please, take a look here.