WHO Verbal autopsy questionnaire

Dear Survey Solutions Community,
We need to collect Verbal Autopsy data for our study in Ethiopia. The WHO has a questionnaire in ODK format with roughly 600 variables.

(Available here: https://www.who.int/healthinfo/statistics/verbalautopsystandards/en/ )

Has anyone imported this into Survey Solutions? Would you share?
I checked the public questionnaires site, and it is not there.

Best regards to all,

Hello Fred,

Survey Solutions was used for Verbal Autopsy in at least one country, though I am not sure whether the questionnaire was of the same or a different version. So it is not hopeless.

Best regards, Sergiy

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Hello there,

Someone from the Survey Solutions group has developed a VA 2016 version, I dont remember his name (it’s Russian, that’s all I remember:). I have a copy of it, which I modified and extended slightly for a UCSF study.
UCSF has also translated it to french. Which language do you need it in?

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Hi Klaus,
If you would be able to share your version, that would be a huge, huge help to us.

We will need our version in Amharic and English. We already have an ODK version in Amharic, and we should be able to migrate most of this translation.

Thank you,

Hi Fred,

I talked to Sergiy, he will try to locate it in his group.
I have a modified version because we had to deal with people whose birth and death dates are not always known exactly. So I included handling of partial dates, eg. only year and month or only year being known.
If this applies to Ethiopia as well, I can share my version with you.

Best regards,


Thank you Klaus,
I think we will have cases where people do not know their birth day or birth month, so that version would be helpful for us. But, I’m happy to wait for Sergei to reply.

If you or Sergei would like to share the questionnaire directly, my Designer account name is the same as my forum account name: fvandyk

Best Regards,

A colleague has supplied the following version of the Verbal Autopsy questionnaire:


Thank you Sergei, Klaus, (and Sergei’s colleague)
This is a big help to us.