Which resource to use for studying advanced survey solution

Hi, I am trying to go through the examples in Designers, and I found some difficulties in studying the syntax by myself. I know there is a general syntax guide but it is very general. The Microsoft .net API documentation is another useful resource but it does not cover all functions or variables used in Survey Solution, e.g., “RosterVector”.

It would be nice if someone can suggest me a list of reference that covers both public API and Survey Solution’s own API, so I can study it thoroughly. Many thanks!

what is the difference between the public API and Survey Solution’s own API?

Sorry I was new to Survey Solution and maybe I was not clear in my question. When I was going through the examples provided in the Designer, I found difficulties in understanding some examples. For example, the use of RosterVector[], Item1 or Item2, RostersCollection definition, etc, are still unclear to even after reading the syntax guide.

I am trying to learn some advanced ways to program flexible questionnaires, and I would know which documentations should I pay attention to for building my capacity.

Anyway, thanks for making this interesting tool.