Where is the PDF in Data Export

When I export a questionnaire, it no longer includes the PDF version of the questionnaire.
Was this removed, or is there something wrong with my configuration?

I can access the PDF from the questionnaire details > designer link, but this is cumbersome.
I see there are HTML versions, but these do not print well. Maybe they could be combined with CSS for printing.


See here:

In what way?

Our PDF output is generated from the mentioned HTML document. Pressing Ctrl+P in the browser should result in an identical document, but the work of laying it out in the PDF will be done on your machine, instead of the server.

Hope this helps. Best, Sergiy

Thanks Sergiy,
That is helpful to know.

Exporting to using the HQ to designer link is only mildly cumbersome. It was nice to have the matching PDF downloaded with each dataset, but we can easily use this method.

  1. HQ: Select Survey Setup > Questionnaires
  2. HQ: Left click on the questionnaire record and select “Details”.
  3. HQ: Click on the link icon in Detail view to open Designer.
  4. Designer: Click on DOWNLOAD PDF button.
  5. Designer: Select language and click GENERATE PDF button.

The HTML files in the data export were intended to be displayed with a particular CSS style file which apparently became unavailable after the software update, causing them to render incorrectly on the screen.

The issue was ticketed as:

and will be fixed with the next update.

The fix will make the CSS available also for the questionnaires that are already imported to the HQ.

Thank you for bringing up the issue, @fvandyk.