When the expression of a variable gets evaluated

I checked the paradata of a short interview and found that variable expression is evaluated multiple times. My question:
(1) When a variable gets evaluated? (e.g. when opening interview or after the previous question gets answered, or only when the dependent question changes …)
(2) Is variable expression re-evaluated when the interview is stop-resume or the value is preserved?


The dev team can confirm, but my understanding is that a variable is re-evaluated each time a dependency changes.

To be a bit more concrete, let’s assume that you have a variable v1 that its value is defined by x1 == 1. If the variable x1 changes (e.g., value set, enabled/disabled, etc.), then v1 is re-evaluated.

yes, we can understand that variable is evaluaed when its dependent question changes. but the paradata shows that variable is evaluated several times.

Maybe the dev team will provide deeper explanation on this behavior.
It will help when analysing the paradata logs.

@alsaleem , was there any other content in the parameters column that was not shown in the screenshot?

What was the expression of variable?
What version of both applications (Interviewer and HQ) were used for creation and sync of this interviewer?

We are using the latest version from github for both HQ and interviewer.
There is no other data in the parameters. (I could not upload the tab file here)

Would it be re-evaluated if I move to another app then back to interviewer app? because I may have moved to another app and back to interviewer during test.
Do you prefer to repeat the test for this case?


@vitalii, here is the design file along with a paradata. (page 4 in particular)
I moved to another app and also closed and reopened the interview during entry.

Bmx test v03-1.pdf (1.1 MB)