What is more effective in Survey Solutions one macro or individual enable condition?

Hello Survey Solutions Team

My question is about the performance in the design

Imagine that I have six questions with have the same enable condition, Survey Solutions give me an warning and recomend me have this six questions in a section, for only have one enable condition in the section.

But sometimes that warning or recomendation give by Survey Solutions is not possible to do; so in this case I have six questions that have the same enable condition.

I would like to know, in your experience using Survey Solutions, What could be recomend me, (always thinking in the perfomance and the best practice) use a macro or use six same enable conditions (each by question)?

Thanks for help me.

using a macro will not give you a performance advantage since it is a notation shortcut and the macro will be substituted before the expressions are compiled.

placing 6 questions in a subsection with one single condition may give you some (likely trivial) performance advantage.

And if the condition is exactly the same then it is precisely the case where a subsection may be introduced.

Hello Sergiy,

Yes, that is the best practice, but sometimes the client prefers a better appearance (speaking in the sense of visual design) than best practice.

But I really appreciate your help and every one of your answers always lets me know more about this fantastic tool named Survey Solutions.

Thanks Survey Solutions Team.

I usually use a macro if I am using the same code for the enabling condition for many questions/sections/subsections because if I ever need to change the code for the enabling condition, I only have to do it in one place (the macro) instead of having to change it in every question where that enabling condition was used.

That is the approach that I intend to implement, using a macro helps in what you just described, and I am not sure of this, a macro performs the logical evaluation only once and then it is used in the questions where the macro is used.

Thank you for sharing your experience and your techniques.