What is a "large number of rosters"?

I’m designing a questionnaire for the first time. It has 209Q, 22S, 30R. Compiling gives me the warning:

[WB0200]:Large number of rosters is created. Exporting this structures into data files might be problematic. Consider reducing number of rosters.

I’m wondering why I’m getting this message.

gwelch, your questionnaire contains 30 rosters. usually this is excessive, perhaps you have households, members, assets, livestock, plots, crops, but 30 of these?

Either you have a very complex questionnaire and this is necessary, then disregard the warning, or review your questionnaire and see if it can be simplified, as such large number of rosters is a sign of some inefficiencies in design.

Nothing can be implied just from the message however, it should be looked at in the context of your questionnaire.

Best, Sergiy

Each roster is exported in its own file. In your structure, Survey Solutions will create 30 files just to export your rosters plus all other files.

Typically, one does not need that many rosters. If you have just a few items it is easier for the interviewers and for the people who will work with the data to represent these few items as a series of questions. Not as a roster.

There are several multi-select questions with many options. For example:

I was trying not to go too far past 20 options for each question.

In this case it’s your choice. You will end up with each such roster exported in a separate file. Asking for 200 items and replacing 10 rosters with 1 could simplify the life of the Designer and Analyst processing the data, but will cause the complications for interviewers.

During the training workshops on Survey Solutions we usually discuss alternatives in design and trade-offs in different approaches.

Best, Sergiy