What instructions do you send to the respondents in web surveys?

What instructions do you send to the respondents in web surveys?

We send monthly invitations to our informants and our instructions are:

  1. Use Google Chrome browser.
  2. Use dot or comma, depending on the browser language, to enter decimal values in numerical questions.
  3. Also, in the web interview settings, we rename the text of each button with text such as “Click here to start your interview”, “Click here to restart your interview”, “Click here to submit your interview”.
  4. Finally, in the questionnaire we need to add static help texts such as “Click the following button to complete your interview” or add instructions such as “Use dot or comma to enter your answer” in the numerical questions.

But despite all the instructions given, we always have some interviews with the status “Interviewer assigned” because the respondent did not click on the Complete button.
We also have interviews with unanswered categorical questions because our informants open the invitation in a browser other than Google Chrome.

:thinking: But I think this happens to us because our informants do not read the instructions, although our informants are a selected group of experts on economic issues.

Thank you @kv700032

Do you find a particular incompatibility of specifically categorical questions in browsers other than Chrome? It should work with up-to-date versions of FireFox and Edge as well.

In that case they should get a reminder that the interview is still not completed. Does this help?

Yes, we have observed this especially in the single-choice questions. Our questionnaire has single-choice questions and we have observed that some informants unanswered them and sometimes in the interview history they describe that they can’t select the answer for those questions.

In the Edge version 99.0.1150.46 (Official build) (64 bits) the problem is present according to local tests performed. I can’t say anything about FireFox because it is not installed in the organization.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t help. In a survey we conducted in the organization we observed that our own co-workers ignored the reminders sent. The same situation occurred with external informants, we frequently sent the link to participate in our Survey and some ignored that invitation.

Perhaps you could share the exact steps of such a test so that the bug can be confirmed and fixed?

There is little chance to convince the respondents to use some specific version of the browser to answer your survey, but rather the tool should be compatible with reasonable range of browsers respondents may be using (or at least cover a significant proportion of the platforms and browsers based on the target group’s usage).

According to the cases I have been notified of, the steps are:

  1. The user uses Edge as the default browser and in some cases there are users who have Internet Explorer as their default browser.
  2. The user opens the link received to participate in the survey (by default it opens in their default browser).
  3. The user tries to answer a single choice question and the question appears as locked as it does not allow to select any option and when clicking on the options no option is checked.
  4. The user completes the interview and the interview is received with the single choice questions unanswered.

Personally it has never happened to me because I have always used Google Chrome, but I have seen when a user opens the link with Edge and was unable to answer a single selection question.