Web Interviews

Is there a manual or article that explains how web interviews work and how to use this feature? We are currently trying to use this feature to transfer information that was collected on paper; however we get this message:

Can’t modify Interview 242559bf5f954d9aae93494ba4141772 on server, because it received by interviewer."

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Dear Mr. Arthurs,

the issue is caused by simultaneous work of the Web interviewing and tablet interviewing. Survey Solutions supports mixed mode, no problem, but the same interview can’t be administered at the same time in web and tablet mode (since the tablets work offline).

This is exactly what the message is telling you, that after the interview was started in the Web mode, the interviewer to whom this assignment was made has synchronized and intercepted the started interview. It will no longer be accessible to the Web respondent then.

To simplify things, if you wish to take advantage of the Web mode, create one interviewer, call him Web or Internet, or WWW, or something similar. Make assignment to this person and enable web mode. Never issue the login/password for this interviewer to anyone so that nobody can synchronize their tablet with this credentials to intercept the web interviews.

Other interviewers/teams can continue working in their regular mode, they will not be affected.

I hope this clears the situation. If you need more assistance, please ask.

Best regards, Sergiy Radyakin

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Well, since the server doesn’t know what’s happening on the tablet after the assignment has been picked up, it pessimistically thinks that the interviewer may have started working on it already, and prevents the conflicting edits from the web mode.

Again, there is no problem in mixing the tools and have data being collected in face-to-face or web interviews within the same survey. But it’s best to decide right away which assignment to be filled out in which mode and assign to appropriate executors.

Also, make sure you understand the difference between a web interview and web interviewer. The former refers to the interviews where respondents follow a link and provide the answers themselves. The latter refers to the web application the interviewers may use to collect data in situations where they don’t have a tablet, but do have an internet connectivity.

If this causes any difficulties in practical work, feel free to describe the scenarios you are facing and we will see if we can accommodate them with the current functionality or, perhaps, this can give us some directions for the future development.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin

Ok thanks for the clarification Sergiy. I thought that it was only if the interviewer created an instance of the questionnaire and opened it on the tablet that you would not be able to use the web application.

I understand now that once the interviewer synchronizes on the tablet you can no longer use the web application.