Web interviews Browser outdated

Hi there,

I’m testing out the web interviews setup , but I’ve encountered the following and wondered if anyone has ran into something similar?

I’ve setup my assignments and I’ve started my web interviews and downloaded my links, however if I click on a link then my browser (Chrome) displays the following :

“Unfortunately your browser is outdated
In order to continue please update Your browser
You can find the latest version using this page: browser-update.org

If I copy the link and I paste it in my header of my Browser (Chrome) then the interview open up without any issues.

Is there a way to sort this out?

I’ve checked and my Browser is up up to date and I’ve switched to Edge and exactly the same happens in Edge.

Eugene Ehlers


need some details about an issue. Where exactly to you “click” on a link? Is it excel?

Hi Andrew,

Firstly, we have the Headquarters software setup on our local server. I’ve designed our Questionnaire using the Survey Solutions Designer and then imported the questionnaire to our local Headquarters. I’ve then created several Assignments using the ‘upload assignments’ functionality (pre-loaded assignments) and uploading our tab delimited files which are zipped together. The assignments was then assigned to a specific Interviewer account.
After that I’ve selected ‘Web interview setup’ and started our web interviews. I then Downloaded the tab file containing all the links to the web interviews and re-saved the tab file as xlsx. I created a new column within the xlsx file to create clickable links (=HYPERLINK(A2)). If I click on these links then I receive the error about my Browser is out dated but if I copy the link and paste it in the header then it works fine. I’ve also copied the link to a word document and clicked on the link from the word document and the same thing happens.

Hope this is helpful?

Eugene Ehlers

Hello Eugene,

I was able to reproduce this issue. It occurs when using MS office product, but not open office or direct link navigation. Links are not intended to be used from excel anyway, but we will have a look at it in future releases.


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Yes that seem to be correct. I am able to navigate to the link through email or even a text editor like Notepad++, but Office products seem to be difficult.

However not a train smash, just wanted to confirm if there was something wrong with our environment.

I appreciate your feedback.

Thank you.

Eugene Ehlers