Web interviewing: small changes for a big improvment

We are preparing a big deploymet using SuSo (millions of interviews). Most of interviews will be conducted by using CAPI mode (tablets). For a percentage (houndrers of thousands) the intervies will be registered by using CAWI mode.

We are perfoming a pilot rigth now and we are experiencing a couple of issues when using SuSo y CATI mode (web):

1 ) When the cursor focus is in a numeric question, if by accident the operator moves the mouse wheel , the value of the input increments or decrements automatically acording to the mouse wheel movement. Is it possible to avoid this behavior by deactivating some properties in web field like “Mouse Wheel Support” or similar ?

  1. Currently TAB key is navigation key between questions. For the operators it would be much faster to use the ENTER key instead. Is it possible to change the current behavior in order that the navigation key will be ENTER ?

Thank you

On #1, as you rightfully note, the problem occurs only in a particular case:

  • it doesn’t occur when you simply scrolling;
  • it doesn’t occur when you are scrolling and the mouse is over the numeric question;
  • It does occur when your keyboard cursor is in the numeric field (the numeric field has focus) and you are using the mouse wheel for scrolling.

We will change this behavior not to have increments/decrements with mouse for numeric questions.

On #2 - the use of TAB key to navigate between the form elements is quite standard. While the ENTER is not expected to move forward. See also the response to a similar question here:

Dear Sergiy,

Thank you for your response.
Thank you for changing the behavior on numeric fields !

Credit should go to @vitalii

SuSo web form used to conduct the interview (SuSo CATI and CAWI) requires TAB key to be pressed two times to get to the next question. This behavior requires investing extra time to fill the interview answers. In a few interviews, this is not a big problem, but in scenarios where you have to digitalize 160,000 interviews conducted in paper, the extra time could be very significant. Can you modify the web form so that only one tab key press is required to navigate between questions?

This is not a requirement to press TAB twice to move to the next question, but rather a consequence of the planned behavior:

The TAB key moves the focus/cursor to the next action item, which (after answering a question) is the button to leave the comment. If you don’t need to leave the comment you move to the next question pressing TAB again.

You can convince yourself that this is indeed the case if you press the SPACE after the first TAB press.

Your suggested behavior will leave comments inaccessible for keyboard users.

Dear @sergiy, you are right, with the first tab key the focus goes to the comment icon.
Being practical, the fact of navigating to the comment icon comes with an expensive cost with hundreds of extra keystrokes during an interview. More if you realize that questions with comments are not a frequent situation.
Avoiding navigation to the comment icon (the digitizer will continue accessing it by using the mouse) produces an important cost saver for NSO when dealing with massive scenarios with hundreds of thousands of interviews.