Web interview uplaod

Dear All

Is there any problem in my tab file for batch upload for web interview.

q1_1 q1_2 q1_3 q1_4 _email _password _webmode
1 2 2 1 tchoden@nsb.gov.bt 123456NSB* 1
1 2 2 2 tchoden@nsb.gov.bt 123456NSB* 1
1 2 2 3 tchoden@nsb.gov.bt 123456NSB* 1
1 2 2 4 tchoden@nsb.gov.bt 123456NSB* 1
1 2 2 5 tchoden@nsb.gov.bt 123456NSB* 1
1 2 2 6 tchoden@nsb.gov.bt 123456NSB* 1
1 2 2 7 tchoden@nsb.gov.bt 123456NSB* 1

it is saying password invalid but when I upload one by one it is working.

Tshering Choden is getting an error like the following:


The message explains that the password is expected to be comprised of only English upper case (Capital) letters and digits or just a question mark.

This rule is working fine and in the presence of a star character (*) correctly points to it.

However, this check is not working correctly in the manual creation of assignments. I will discuss with my colleagues whether to retain and document the current behavior, or to converge them to a single strict rule.

In the meanwhile, keep in mind that this password is for the RESPONDENT and he/she will use it a single time only, so will not be memorizing it - hence keep it simple and easy to retype on a different computer, for example. Correspondingly the complexity requirement rule here is intentionally different from passwords for USER accounts.

For the moment, both methods should allow you to create assignments with the stricter of the two rules, meaning letters and digits only.

the reference number for this issue is KP-13158

Dear Sergiy

Any solutions to my problem

Remove trailing star from preloaded file in _password column

As I wrote above, use the stricter of the rules and don’t include any special characters, like the asterisk that you’ve included. The next release will have that enforced for both modes of creating interviews: manual and batch upload.