Web interview Setup

Dear SuSo team,
When clicking the Start in Web Interview Setup, the message " You can download list of created assignments that are assigned to interviewer in order to deliver web links to respondents". Then when you click the Download, a zip file containing the file “The interviewers.tab” was being downloaded. The previous version provides a url instead, that you can send to respondents. Why is that?



Dear Ben,

this is because Survey Solutions team widened some new functionality. You may read about it in our release notes:


We have moved from interviews to assignments.

If you opened the file you downloaded you may notice that it includes Interview link and id.

If you get used to pervious version (as it was one link to many respondents), when you make an assignment - you have to put quantity as Unlimited. By default it is 1, if you click X to remove 1 - you will set Unlimited.

Then on downloading the file you will see one link as you wrote.

Best regards,

Survey Solutions Team support

Dear Aleksandra Komarovskaya, i figured that out now wth the instruction and managed to fix it.