Web Interview Setup, pdf


Hay alguna forma, de deshabilitar la opción de descargar la transcripción en PDF cuando se termina de completar una entrevista web.

Hello @jolmando,

as far as I know, the software doesn’t give this flexibility.
What is the practical scenario where this is needed?

Best, Sergiy

La idea sería que el usuario pueda tener el pdf una vez que la entrevista sea aprobada por supervisor y no antes.

In general, I don’t see how a respondent would know WHEN and WHERE to go to, after taking part in a web survey, to pick up an APPROVED version of the transcript.

The PDF is a confirmation of what answers were submitted by the respondent.

Please note that the respondents will get a notification on rejection (under some conditions).

In general, the respondent is not bothered by Survey Solutions once they complete their requested interviews. Once their responses are received, send any confirmation to the submitter from your mailer.