Web Interview set up


Grateful if I could possible get some guidance and help regarding the set up of a web interview.
I have been following the instructions as indicated in the following link https://support.mysurvey.solutions/headquarters/cawi/web-interviewing/ but unfortunately i am not successful in completing the web interview set up.

Up to now, I have already uploaded my questionnaire , my main problem is setting up the web interview. I am not able to upload the _webmode…_quantity details.
How to do that as no indication were found where to upload it(refer to picture 3)?
Do these fields(_webmode, …etc) need to be included in the questionnaire as well?
There is a download button, when clicking on it, a template is obtained with the following fields:
assignment__link assignment__id … and the identifying questions
Below are some screen shots:



I tried to look for tutorial video on web interview but no avail. If in case you have any please do send me the link.

Thank you

Dear bharati,

Once you’ve finished to prepare web interview mode to start collecting data you should create assignment.
There are several options:
create it manually using the form (context menu on questionnaire list item, select “New assignment”)
create it with batch upload (context menu on questionnaire list item, select “Upload assignments”)

Once assignments are created you may download web links