Web interview: new version questionnaire

Hello, I have a question,

I currently have a version 1 questionnaire in production with more than 100,000 assignments in cawi mode with password, some open, others not.

My question is if I edit the questionnaire and upload version 2, what happens with the link to the interviews and with the access code already generated?

This sounds like a fairly empirical question. If I were in your situation like yours, I would do the following:

  1. create a test questionnaire with 1 question in the Designer;
  2. import it to the HQ;
  3. activate web mode;
  4. create an assignment based on the questionnaire imported in step 2.
  5. pick up the link to this assignment.
  6. modify the questionnaire in the Designer.
  7. re-import the same questionnaire as v2, selecting to update assignments at import.
  8. use the original link in the browser to check “what happens with the link”.

After doing all this, I would have realized that this is a very interesting question and this experience would be helpful to other users and would have summarized my observations in a forum message.

Good afternoon,
While I was waiting for the answer I did,

I loaded in a test environment a questionnaire and gave it 30000 web assignments with password.

I edited the questionnaire and reloaded it, version 2 kept the assignments with the previous link and passwords.

Great. Thanks!

(and 30,000 web assignments were really not necessary for this check: It is the same behavior applied to each, hence if it works for 1, it will also work for 30,000 and for 100,000.)