Web Interview : export questionnaire

After answering a questionnaire in web mode, is it possible to export the questionnaire with the data in HTML or PDF?
This is a question that a respondent (a company) asked us.


Survey Solutions gives you a choice of:

  • tab-delimited,
  • Stata and
  • SPSS

formats for data export.

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Indeed, I knew that it is possible to export to SPSS, STATA and Delimited Table.

In fact, as it is done in the Designer where you can export the questionnaire to PDF and HTML, we asked if it was possible to export a single interview to HTML or PDF with the questions as they are present in the Designer and the answers given.

thank you for your availability

Yes, it is possible:

  1. Export the data in one of the three formats above.
  2. Write a program that extracts the data from the exported data files and produces the report for one interview (parameter).
  3. Create the report for the specific interviews that the client has indicated by running the program from #2 on the data from #1.
  4. Send to the client the produced report(s).
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