Web interview error

Dear All,

I am receiving an error message saying the interview is opened in another tab or browser. Why is the message being displayed. I think as long as the complete button is not pressed the web link can be opened from one or more browser.

I have uploaded a screen shot of the screen for the web interview.

Can you please let me know why this issue.

Yes, but if you do so, the other person will have his/her session display this message.
In any case, you should not be working with this interview in the CAWI mode because as the message indicates, it has been received on a tablet for the CAPI mode.

Dear Sergiy

Thank you and now how do I return back to CAWI mode. If i sign off from tablet will it work or will I have to now generate new web link. The respondent is not able to even press complete button for web interview.

And is there a way I can delete an assignment (web link) but keep the other web links to work.

No. The server doesn’t know if you are signed in to the tablet or not, since the tablet works offline.

What matters is where that document is. In order to continue working on the server you need to return it to the server. Complete it and sync to the server from the tablet so that it leaves the dashboard on the tablet.

Archive that assignment?

note that if the respondent has already started the interview, she will still be able to access it, unless you also delete that interview from the server, (before it is completed).