Web Interview - Can we jump right into the sections

We have a small questionnaire with just one section. But when the respondent opens the link they can see the section title as a green button that they have to click on in order to begin the section.

We want to make the questionnaire immediatley accessible to the respondents. Is there a way to take the respondent directly into the section without having to make them click on the title?


Hello Tbalantrapu,

if you look at the top of the page that you want to get rid of it should say “Cover”. Mark some of the questions in your questionnaire as ‘identifying’.

Best, Sergiy

Can I make static text also identifying?

It would lso be great to know how o keep the “Cover” remains closed for respondents when the respondents open it.

Can you pelase get back on any of the above questions at the earliest?

  1. No. Only questions can be identifying. A static text is not a question.
  2. I don’t understand your question regarding Cover.

This is for CAWI. When respondents clicks on “begin survey”, they are taken to the webpage where the sections of the survey are visible on the sidebar. The side bar can be closed but it is not intutive. It is preferable to keep the sidebar closed when the person opens the webpage. Is that possible?

We had an respectable economist mistake the sidebar to be the primary questionnaire and miss some questions.

The table of contents showing the list of sections cannot be controlled programmatically. Instead it behaves automatically: appearing if the screen is wide enough and not appearing if it is rather narrow.

A rather generic instruction for the respondents to web interviews is here.

You can always write a better one and make it available to your respondents either in the invitation email, or accompanying website frontpage, or in the welcoming screen.

I understand, can certainly happen to the best of us.