Warnings: download and final displayed message in the Interviewer app



In future versions of SS Could be possible that Warnings be saved in a specific table in the way that Errors are saved as interview__errors.?

Affected subsystems

data downloads


In the same way It would be very usefull if the number of Warnings could be displayed in the Interviewer app as Errors are currently displayed at the end of interview.

Perhaps just mark this ‘warning’ as an ‘error’?

Yes, but Warnings are not Errors. I mean that the response value that enables the Warning can be validated. For example, a range of plants number per hectare may be between 200 and 1000 and the response value be 150 so a lower density than the established in the range can be acceptable so It is not an Error. Maybe have a count of Warnings displayed at the end of the interview (in the way that Errors have at the moment in the device) could be usefull first for the interviewer to check it and then in a specific download table during field work in monitoring reports for Supervisors made with the “Warnings Tables”