Waiting for other upgrades to finish

We made some corrections to our questionnaire and uploaded it to our server. The Questionnaire was uploaded. But the assignments weren’t upgraded. The process is stuck with the following error:

We tried to manually upgrade the assignments also, with the same error.

This is not an error.
One sees this message during the upgrade of assignments.

Its been more than 24 hours. I don’t see any assignment upgraded to the new version. Is there somewhere I can check the progress?

The same thing happened to me too, I tried to upgrade the assignments and I waited for more than an hour and the system kept trying to upgrade the assignments.
In my case there were few assignments to upgrade, but I got tired of waiting and aborted the upgrade.

Try to reproduce the issue on the demo server with hypothetical data. If the issue is reproducible, please send the exact sequence of actions.

I don’t think it will be possible to do this on a demo server. We have about 27000 assignments of which about 21000 are already complete.

We imported the new version of the questionnaire (The only change was change in the translation of one of the categories) and the screen was stuck on this page.

Is there any way to stop the upgrade of the assignments and try it manually?

How did you abort the upgrade?

I aborted the upgrade when I refreshed the page, because I didn’t notice any progress during the upgrade.

@sergiy Please update. I am not able to upgrade any assignments. Even after 48 hours, if I try to upgrade the assignments, we are stuck on the page which says - Waiting for other upgrades to finish. How can I kill these upgrades and start afresh?

Same, but were you able to upgrade the assignments to the new version?

No, I was unable to upgrade the assignments.

What version of the application are you running?

Can you check the logs, whether the process is still going but slow, or failed with some error? (feel free to send us the logs to support@mysurvey.solutions)

I’m running the version

I just replicated the case and I get this (I’ve been waiting for several minutes and I don’t see any progress):

And in the logs appear this:

Please do send us the log file so that we inspect possible errors in there (survey solutions\site\logs)

@zurab excuse me,
What are the steps to obtain the log file?
Is the log file the same as the audit log?

Ah, I thought the path I gave above was clear enough - on your server where you have installed Survey Solutions (if you kept the default settings then it’s C:\Survey Solutions) go to the folder C:\Survey Solutions\Site\Logs and send us headquarters.[date].log file

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Kevin, no, these are not the audit logs, these are the technical errors logs, see #7 here:

@zurab I have sent the log files to the support email. Please have a look.

With the log file we’ll take this conversation private, but will update the topic here as soon as we have an answer.

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Version 21.01.5 is available for download.
It addresses this issue with assignment upgrade.