Vous avez une mauvaise version de l'appli Interviewer

User Youssef has contacted support with the following question:

I installed survey on docker with forking the github repository, it all went all, and it was very easy, but as you can see on the screeshoot, it told me I need to disable the old version and install a new one, do I have to just fork the same one (the one on github) and reinstall the file and it will do the job or what should I do exactly?

Youssef attached a screenshot indicating the following French error message:

Vous avez une mauvaise version de l’appli Interviewer. Veuillez installer la bonne version en : désinstallant la version actuelle; téléchargeant la bonne version du serveur, et installant cette nouvelle version

Youssef misinterprets the error message. The message urges to install the proper version. Here is the corresponding English text:

You have an incompatible version of the Interviewer application. Please, uninstall and install it again from your Survey Solutions Headquarters website

A similar case has been discussed in this forum in 2019, but apparently escaped Youssef’s attention:

And the recommendation from that post is still actual:

All the users of Survey Solutions must/should/have to install the Interviewer App from the server they intend to send the data to. Only from that server. And get any and all updates from that same server.

Not following this rule may result in data loss and/or inability to synchronize the data.

Youssef does not mention the specific versions, which would be instrumental in explaining this issue: neither for the Survey Solutions server, nor for the Interviewer App. Still from the address of the server we can deduce that the server is running version 20.10.4 of Survey Solutions, while the current version is 20.12, making it plausible that the Interviewer App is also of v20.12, and hence the above message arises.

If the French speakers disagree with the wording of the translation, please contribute a better translation that better conveys the meaning of the original English message.

PS: When contacting support, kindly switch the application to the English interface, so that the messages can be understood by the support staff (unless the issue you are contacting about only occurs in the non-English interface version).

thank you for your answer, so correct if am wrong!
now all of our clients needs to install the intervieur app from our server not demo?
and if so how would they install it cause we tried doing that always an erro msg of wrong pwd is givin ?
thanks in advance.

Hi Youssef, the correct way to install Interviewer App is from your own web address of your Survey. The possibility to download is offering just if you open it from a browser from Android terminal.

In such way you will have the same server and Interviewer app version. But is not the only thing, it can be other settings that Interviewer download and install from your, and just from your “parental” server.

What version of SS you have installed on the server?

Hello, thank you for answer,
however I installed version 20.10 on my server, and I understand I need to download the app from there, but what other setting I need to configure? beacuse when I downloaded the app it keeps telling me pwd is wrong when am sure the user I loged in with has the right pwd!
so it’s not problem regarding teh version right ? is there other setting?

Thanks in advance

have you tried to create a TEST User ?

Sign in online with the interviewer account to verify whether the password that you think is right is correct indeed.