Version 22.02.3 causing tablets to freeze

Good day,
We recently upgraded to the latest version of survey solutions 22.02.3 (build 32287), Interview app also upgraded to 22.02.3 (build 30004). Immediately after the upgrade, we have been experiencing 2 problems.

  1. All the combo-box fields have changed, they are now text box like fields. They require fieldworkers to type any first letter of the drop-down list.
  2. All tablets both with Interviewer App & Supervisor App are consistently freezing during interviews? This is affecting productivity as the interviewers have to restart the tablets several times.
    Is it possible to downgrade to the previous version on the server?
    Attached is an image of the combo box that doesn’t show the whole list but options with a ‘C’.

This is exactly how this input is working. If you’ve typed ‘C’ it will only show options with ‘C’ in it. (possibly in the beginning of the word or in the middle of it).

Hi @sergiy ,
The ‘click to answer’ does not show any answer options until you type. Previously, participants would just click and then a list of responses will be available to choose from. The image below is an example of how the combo box used to work. The whole list of answer options would be displayed without typing any letter.

I don’t think this was an intended change to augment the previous behavior, but

No. This was never the case. The whole list of options may include thousands of options. You should not expect to see them all. You never could see them all. This is NOT a dropdown control. It is not this control:

See also:

If you are using it to reduce control’s footprint on the form then this difference in behavior needs to be accounted for. If you only have six types of visits, use the simple single select question type.

I also see no reason for including the REG/GIS/COM/PRO/QCA/TRA codes, which are probably artifacts of data entry on paper, where you’ve probably had three boxes to write-in the letters for the visit type.

@sergiy the image above is from Survey Solutions with all 6 options showing without typing any letter. Could the sudden change could be a software bug?

@sergiy, may you please advise which display mode do we use for drop-down control on single select fields?

Greetings @memo_mhembere,
New Survey Solutions version 22.02.5 has been published 2 days ago. Both issues were addressed there. Could you please update server (Interviewer App & Supervisor App as well) and verify your scenarios one more time?

List of options shows up right after user taps on combo box with no typing in the 22.02.5 version.

I believe combo box is the best choice for your scenario.