Verify geographic object using preloaded geographic coordinates

I have loaded the geographic coordinates in decimal format, using “the Geographical Type field” in order to verify in the field if the water well really is in that location. But when carrying out the verification in the field and after having loaded the questionnaire on the tablet we detect that the preloaded geographical coordinates are not displayed, nor does it show me the location on the map. I want to know what I can do to solve this problem ?.

Check in this table
whether the corresponding question type may be preloaded.

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Excellent contribution, now I have changed the type of question from Geographic to GPS and that solved my problem by showing me the map and the geographic coordinates of the water well.

Now I need to know:

  1. How the “Record GPS” button is disabled or hidden because the data shown and the map are only informative.

  2. It will only be necessary to enable the “Record GPS” button in case the geographical coordinates are different, or new ones would be taken or written for the new geographical coordinates.

  3. The map is shown at the state level, which you should modify so that the map is displayed at the colony level.

On #1 the record gps button will not be available for enumerator if the gps question is marked as identifying. You may only have 1 identifying gps question per interview.

On #2 that should be a second question after a screener “did you find the well at specified location?” If no, show the gps question for new well location

On 3 i don’t understand and apparently other forum members also as there were no suggestions so far.

Best, Sergiy Radyakin