Verbatim value of ComboBox

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My aim is to extract the verbatim value from combo-box or either single or multiple select question. I explain:
My combo box is as below (simplified for this example, I have got for ISCO [international standard classification for occupations]) and from that I selected “Hotel”
2…Guest House
3…Own residence

if I am right, my return value for this question will be 1. What if I want to use the verbatim value, that is “Hotel”. Is there a way to do that apart from passing it through a macro.

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this is almost never required. in most cases you would want to just display the value, and although the value of a categorical question is numeric in syntax, in display Survey Solutions will decipher the code into the label automatically, so %varname% will show the word “Hotel”, etc.

If the above is not satisfactory, then
(new []{"",“Hotel”,“Guest House”,“Own residence”})[(int)varname]


  1. will not be localizable
  2. mind the limit on the expressions length.

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