Vary in font styles and colors

The system only represents answers in gray color. The requirement is to be able to vary in font styles and colors to be able to have descriptive writing when representing different situations regarding the questions or answers (See Figure A).


How can we do this?

Use of HTML tags. See this article on formatting text.

Unfortunately, I’m not fully aware of the limitations of this functionality. I believe that SuSo only allows certain HTML tags. I also believe that tags may be used for question text, question instructions, and static text, but not for answer options. I may be wrong on both of these points.

I don’t think you can use HTML tags in answer options. I usually signify to the interviewer that they should read an answer option out loud by changing the capitalisation of the answer options.

For example, if an answer option is in all caps such as “NO SABE” means they should not read it out loud. But if it is written like “No Sabe”, then they should read it out loud to the respondent. Additionally, I put instructions about whether the answer options should be read out loud to the respondent in the Interviewer instructions box. And definitely never hurts to include it into the interviewer training as well.

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+1 to @l2nguyen

Use capitalization or directly include the words DON’T READ where necessary.