Variables missing in Stata dataset

Hi! After I downloaded the data as Stata datafiles, i worked on the data in Stata and all worked wonderful. Now I have come to some variables that were programmed in a roster, which was opened conditionally if a before question was answered with yes. All variables from that roster are missing in the dataset. Can you help me to find them? Thanks!

Do you mean that the variables (whole columns) are missing or just some values are empty? If first, please check your questionnaire design and make sure you don’t have the checkbox ‘do not export’ selected for these variables.

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thank you for your response. It is whole columns which are missing, actually the complete roster. I suspect that I must accidentally have ticked the ´do not export´ box. Can you help me where I can find that box? Thank you.

Answers to questions are always exported. So if you get the data out of Survey Solutions answers to all questions will be there and it is just a matter of finding them. Use the above-mentioned file which is created exactly for this purpose and is even named ‘readme

If you are looking for variables that represent calculations, then they may or may not be exported depending on your questionnaire settings. Default is to export the variables.

You can find answers to your questions by reading the documentation online:


Thanks a lot for your help. I found that the roster was saved as a separate data file, so I just merged it to the master data set.